Quick Guide to finding the right remote for your appliance 

Most devices include a name plate or sticker with a model number .
For Televisions they are normally on the back in the middle sometimes on the side

If you cannot find a remote control using this information try looking in the user manual or on the packaging.

The technical specifications and the serial number are not used for identification purposes.

Finding the model number of a freeview satallite box/recorder or blu-ray/dvd player/recorder (or simialr device). The model number will be found on the sticker at the back or side in some cases under neath of the audio/visual device.

For some remote controls you will find the model numbers directly on the Remote Control.
Either on the front or on the rear 

The model number is usually found on the bottom of the remote control, below all the buttons.

Sometimes (less frequently), you can find the model number inside the remote control battery compartment.