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Sony Remote Control RM-ED011

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Product Description

Sony Remote Control RM-ED011 / Telecommande RMED011 NOW REPLACED BY RM-ED013
KDL26V4500, KDL32V4500, KDL32W4000,
KDL37V4500, KDL40W4000, KDL40W4500,
KDL46W4500, KDL52W4000,
, KDL22E5300, KDL26E4000,
KDL26E4020, KDL26E4030, KDL26E4050,
KDL26V4710, KDL32E4000, KDL32E4020,
KDL32E4030, KDL32E4050, KDL32V4500,
KDL32V4710, KDL32V4720, KDL32V4730,
KDL32V5500, KDL32V5800, KDL32W4000,
KDL32W4210, KDL32W4220, KDL32W5500,
KDL32W5800, KDL37V4710, KDL37V5500,
KDL37V5800, KDL37W5500, KDL37W5800,
KDL37W5810, KDL40E4000, KDL40E4020,
KDL40E4030, KDL40E4050, KDL40S4000,
KDL40S4010, KDL40U4000, KDL40V4210,
KDL40V4220, KDL40V4230, KDL40V4240,
KDL40V5500, KDL40V5800, KDL40W3000,
KDL40W4000, KDL40W4210, KDL40W4220,
KDL40W4230, KDL40W4500, KDL40W4710,
KDL40W4720, KDL40W4730, KDL40W5500,
KDL40W5800, KDL40WE5, KDL40X3000,
KDL40X3500, KDL40X4500, KDL40Z4500,
KDL46V4000, KDL46V5500, KDL46V5610,
KDL46V5800, KDL46W3000, KDL46W4210,
KDL46W4220, KDL46W4230, KDL46W4710,
KDL46W4720, KDL46W4730, KDL46W5500,
KDL46W5710, KDL46W5740, KDL46W5800,
KDL46X2000, KDL46X3000, KDL46X3500,
KDL46X4500, KDL46Z4500, KDL52V4000,
KDL52V4210, KDL52V5500, KDL52V5800,
KDL52W3000, KDL52W4000, KDL52W4210,
KDL52W4220, KDL52W4230, KDL52W4710,
KDL52W4730, KDL52W5500, KDL52W5800,
KDL52X2000, KDL52X3500, KDL52Z4500,
KDL55X4500, KDL70X3500, KDS55A2000,
KLV32S400A, KLV32W400A, KLV40W400A,
KLV46W400A, KLV52W400A

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